Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Long Distance Relationship Is Right?

This days so many people have long distance relationship, because their work, study or some other reason. Some of them meet once a week, some may be months or year :( With technology this day, separate couple still  can be in touch and create communication, witch cell phone, instant messenger, etc. 
Long Distance Relationship is right? 
A couple can get in touch with technology this day and because of some reasons they can't be in one place at the same time. This kind relationship really hard if we don't have trust for our partner. Trust is the key for a long term relationship. 
This kind relationship is not about how you trust your partner, but more than that you need to be more stronger because your partner is not on your side. When you have some problem you can ask your partner to be your side just in one moment because she/he must go to your place from miles away.
Is it fair to leave your partner alone?
Relationship between you and your partner may be more than a good friendship because you'll help your partner if they have a problem. But with a long distance relationship you can't be at her/his side every time If you have a strong and independent partner I think its really help, if she/he is not kind of person. Is it fair to leave your partner alone?
I think if we have a choice we will avoid this kind of relationship. Long distance relationship, because our partner need us every time, every minutes, every second.

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Friday, June 11, 2010

Happy Marriage, The Tips

Married at the first years can be a new phase in our life, we must live day by day with someone, our wive or husband. Marriage is not one or two years commitment, its a life time commitment. How to make a happy marriage for both husband and wive? 

My Marriage is still young but there view things that want to share about happy marriage. As I live my marriage day by day and try to learn how to make a happy marriage, there's few things that we must consider for this long journey. 

There are many simple thing that will lead us to our happy marriage, its just matter how we create it. Simple things for happy marriage is around us.
  1. Always make time for the two of you. Create moments where we can spend more time together.
  2. Talking and Listening. Great communication is not one way :D
  3. Never, ever mention the "D" word (divorce).
  4. Remember that "love is like childhood. You need to learn to share."
  5. Never pass up an opportunity to say "I love you"
  6. Choose the one you love, then love the one you choose.
  7. Hold hands.
  8. Hug & kiss every day (several times a day actually!).
  9. Love isn't always a feeling, it's a decision
  10.  Hang in there. It's worth it.
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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Are You Happy With Your Marriage?

Once, a friend asked me an important question. Are you happy with your marriage? WOW! This is a simple question but really hard to answer this question. He is going to married soon and he really need to know about marriage. He said he really need to know about marriage before he join the club, lol!

I said I'm happy with my marriage. I love to spend my time with my wive and daughter. I said, yes sometimes we fight, arguing, etc but we can keep the happiness together. I said, the key is your willingness. We met a new person, a stranger. Now she or he become the part of our day. 

I said if we can understand our wive or husband, the marriage will last long and happy, try to get to know better your wive/husband. What he like or what she hate. Having the same vision about the family's future and how to get the goal together is one way to help you to get a happy marriage. 

Having a wive/husband means you are already have a decision to share everything, with a wive/husband you can share what ever you want to share without worrying that she/he will betray you in the future. You can share everything and one more is take your place and put she/he on her/his place.

I'm sure you will get a happy marriage if you trust your partner and willing to spend your time in a happy journey, you'll get one.
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Friday, May 28, 2010

Choose the Wedding Song That's Right for You

Choose a Wedding Song that Expresses How You and Your Partner Feel About Each Other

Choosing wedding music can rouse a varied combination of emotions from you and your partner. Fun and exhilaration, anticipation and excitement, become quick companions with stress and disgust, and anxiety and anger.
You and your partner may share similar tastes in music, making the process rather easy, or you may disagree, leading to arguments that have no place in the moment. You are discussing elements of your wedding, after all,and every aspect should be a happy one. If a disagreement should arise, then step aside and remember that you a planning a wedding together, and as in a marriage, compromise is key. It is highly unlikely that you or your partner will enjoy every song played at the wedding, as tastes are bound to differ at least a little bit. But most importantly, when choosing your music, the song on which you should place the most importance is your wedding song. This is the song you and your partner will first dance to as a married couple, and forever thereafter, it will reflect upon your overwhelming feelings of love, happiness, contentment and joy. It should be a song that will remain special to you both and reflect how you two truly feel about each other, and how you always hope to remain.
DJs and websites focused on helping engaged couples choose wedding music will have large lists encompassing many songs traditionally chosen for a wedding song between bride and groom. However, you are not required to pick any of those particular songs.
You must remind yourself that you are not choosing a wedding song based on what your friends and family might think, or what your DJ recommends. The wedding song you choose should be something meaningful between you and your partner, because at that moment in time when you are dancing to the song of your choice, and you look into each other's eyes and smile, it will be as if only you two exist in the room. For those few minutes that the song is played and you are dancing, it will be your magic moment of perfection, when the love that rests in your hearts comes bubbling forth, riding the crests of the wave of music that surrounds you both.
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Friday, April 17, 2009

About Wedding Shoes

By Mechele Pellebon, eHow Editor

About Wedding Shoes
Wedding shoes are an important accessory item for brides. As a woman prepares to walk down the aisle, her choice of wedding footwear can either provide comfort or be a source of pain. Whether a bride chooses wedding athletic shoes, jewel-encrusted flip-flops or chunky heels, a wedding shoe must complement the dress and provide comfort throughout the wearer's special day.

The wedding shoe is a style element that matches the theme of the bridal gown. In fact, shoe styles range from traditional to unconventional. Elegant brides who prefer column gowns may select a pump without embellishment or beading. A trendy bride, whose style choices reflect current fashion trends, will choose a strappy evening sandal over satin ballet flats.


The types of bridal shoe choice vary based upon style and fabric choices. Wedding shoes are constructed from satin, silk and lace to velvet, cotton, crepe and even plastic. Brides may select from the following footwear options: sandals, flip flops, open-toed, mules, platform, flats, stilettos and slingbacks. Heel height can soar as high as 5 inches or remain comfortably chic as low-heeled flats and sneakers. Prices for wedding shoes can range from $29 for basic footwear to $900 for designer wedding shoe creations.

Many a bride has made a wrong choice when selecting bridal shoes. The most popular mistakes are buying the gown without considering the heel height of the shoe, or not factoring in shoe shrinkage and color matching when dying wedding shoes. To prevent these wedding shoe mistakes brides should wear their bridal shoes during their dress fitting. Prevent wedding shoe sizing errors by trying on your wedding shoes towards the end of the day when your feet are at their largest.

From dyable sandals to satin pumps, finding the perfect wedding shoes can be easy, considering you know the important rules of the bridal footwear selection process. Variations of white and ivory for wedding shoes differ greatly. Ask the bridal store for an accurate color swatch from your gown to select shoes that complement the style of your gown and its color exactly. Consider your wedding venue before selecting shoes. If you have an outdoor wedding on a lawn or in the woods, certain silks and satin shoes will soil easily.

Expert Insight
Match the bottom of your wedding gown with the style and color of your shoes. To break in your shoes, wear your shoes for one hour at the end of the day. Start this shoe stretching process at least 4 weeks before the wedding to ensure a proper fit. Don't let your wedding shoes overpower your bridal gown. Shoes with sparkle and embellishment complement simple dresses, while elaborate gowns require a basic wedding shoe. If your feet swell when standing for long periods of time, select an additional pair of flat shoes to wear on your wedding day in case of a wedding shoe emergency.

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